TN. ACA Intergroup Meeting Notes 3-14-2020

Attendees: Alex O., Stan B., Lisa C., Danyalle, Kristianna, Bridget, Freddie, Mark H. The meeting was recorded.

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer by Alex O.

Motion to approve February minutes by Mark H. Seconded by Danyalle. Motion passed.

Motion to approve treasurers report by Alex O. Seconded by Lisa C. Motion passed.

Agenda Items

  • Saturday, 3/21 will be the ballot proposal vote on this conference line at 9:00 cst. There are 14 proposals we will be voting on.
  • Outreach Committee

Because of the Corona virus the picnic and retreats are temporarily on hold. Churches have closed all meetings and Cumberland Heights is closed to community meetings at this time.

Mark H. suggested we postpone the cookout/picnic until June to see what is going to happen and if the ABC conference will be held.

Alex O. suggested we hold planning meetings for the picnic off of the regular intergroup meeting. It was suggested this could by done by email or group text as slack notifications do not seem to work for everyone. Stan and Kristianna voiced support of texting ideas.

Alex checked with Centennial Park and Charlie Daniels Park about availability. Charlie Daniels is a $50 refundable deposit and $40.00/8 hour slots, which include a pavilion. 

  • Mission Statement committee does not have a report.
  • 2020 Fall Retreat-Alex has made a mock flier for the retreat. She has been conferring with Jimmy about how to best present the retreat information on the website. The Arizona intergroup has been doing a retreat for a number of years and it was suggested to model our information based on what they do. Jimmy has been making some small updates to our website. This is particularly in literature and how intergroup meeting notes can be accessed.

Much uncertainty was expressed about how to move forward with the on going COVID-19 issues. As of now some meetings are not cancelling and some are. When the ACA WSO makes their decision on the world conference perhaps we will have more guidance about how to proceed.

Glenn has a contact list on google docs. Alex will email Glenn any contacts which need to be added.

Meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer.

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