TN ACA Intergroup meeting minutes 4-11-2020

Attendees: Alex O., Mark H., Lisa C., Danyalle

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

A motion was made by Mark H. to accept the Mark minutes as submitted. Danyalle seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurers report was posted on Slack. Motion was made to approve the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Danyalle.

Discussion about virtual meetings during Covid-19 

Alex informed the group Jimmy, who does the IT for intergroup is very concerned about security with Zoom meetings. She has several articles about Zoom for anyone who has security concerns which Jimmy provided to her.

Alex O. said the WSO will be conducting the business portion of the WSO annual conference in a webinar format. The call will be 4/23. Our ballot proposal vote has been submitted to world service. WSO has not decided if they will try to hold the conference online or cancel it yet.

Alex was able to gt the money we paid for the conference refunded by WSO and the hotel. Delta Airlines will not refund the payment, but wants to give a 2 year credit instead.

Outreach and the picnic have been cancelled until we know more. The mission statement committee to move forward.

Alex will contact Glenn to see if the google doc for contacts can be opened so anyone can add their own information.

Alex and Jimmy have been working on a plug in for the Intergroup email blasts as well as a way to post meeting minutes to the website. There will be a separate page 4 for the retreat.

Meeting closed with the Serenity Prayer. 

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