TN ACA Intergroup meeting 1-11-2020

Attendees- Danelle, Mark H., Anthony, Marilyn, Alex O., Glenn, Christiana, Bridget, Lisa C.

Meeting opened with the Serenity Prayer by Alex O.

Alex reviewed phone etiquette for the ones calling in. *6 to mute and *6 again to unmute. If using a speaker phone, please mute as the reverb is distracting for others. Unmute when you would like to speak. All calls will be recorded to aid in note taking for secretary.

Glenn motioned to approve the minutes from the Dec. meeting. Anthony seconded. Minutes approved.

Mark H. motioned to approve Dec. treasurers report. Lisa C. seconded. Treasurers report was approved.

Mark H. updated the group on the transition of the monies. He has obtained an EIN from the IRS for TN ACA Intergroup. There is a new TN Intergroup banking account. We now have checks, online banking and a debit card. 

There is a new POB. #949 at the main post office in Mt. Juliet. Alan will be forwarding mail there from the previous POB.

Alex related the literature program has been on hold due to new accounts being set up. Jimmy has disabled that function on the TN ACA Intergroup website until Jan. 15. We are still attempting to reach WSO to find out the preferred way to order literature and set up a new intergroup account. Mark asked if we have any direct contact person in WSO. Alex answered she does not know of any. Voice messages have been left and emails sent. Continue to await response.

Anthony related Carmen had a direct contact and perhaps she could help. Glenn will ask Janine who her contact was at WSO. Danelle asked about getting literature in the meantime. She was referred to the WSO website for group orders and Glenn said he would as Hillwood group if they might have some extra yellow workbooks to sell. Alex O. said Memphis groups continue to ask for literature at the intergroup discount and perhaps we could talk about them receiving a couple of shipments yearly. Anthony expressed concern about getting literature to East Tennessee. Anthony will look at ordering literature with a larger group to meet the $200.00 minimum for group orders through WSO. 

The ACA ABC and AWC conference is in Boca Rotan, Florida this fall. Alex O. was the intergroup delegate to this last year. She inquired if anyone would like to be a phone delegate this year or go in person. The cost breakdown is approximately $600 to go. This is an estimate and includes hotel cost, food and registration costs. Glenn asked if there is an agenda. Alex explained you have to register to be able to see the agenda. Glenn wondered what proposals are to be voted on. Alex states the proposals are on the website. A delegate must be registered before March. Danelle thinks this is a good idea. She has discussed this with the Eastside Group and felt it gave them a sense of being included. General consensus was it would be worthwhile pursuing. 

The Intergroup contact list has some changes and contacts which are no longer valid. Glenn offered to update the contacts and add them to the list. Bridget offered to help. Glenn said he would share the list on slack. 

Alex O. brought up outreach. The outreach committee is headed up by Stan B. Danelle would like to be included on that committee. 

Request was made for committee volunteers for a ACA IG mission statement committee. 

Request was made for a 2020 fall retreat committee. Christiana, Bridget, Alex, Lisa and Danelle volunteered to man that committee.

Alex O. mentioned a group in WI created some ACA specific workshops and are bringing a workshop to Memphis in the spring. Brahah (Memphis member) will get the information for us and invited intergroup members to attend.

Alex O. asked the group what they would think about having a tab on the website for intergroup meeting minutes. Anthony and Marilyn expressed this is a “great idea”. Glenn felt it would be a “really good way to expose what is going on.” Alex thinks it will increase the exposure of intergroup to member. A motion was made. Glenn approved and Lisa seconded. Alex will get with Jimmy to find out how to post the minutes beginning with January 2020. 

Alex brought up revitalizing the blog. There have been no posts since 2017. She would like to write about the 2019 recovery fest and the 2019 ACA retreat in Dickson as some first blog posts. The motion was made. Bridget approved and Danelle seconded.

Glenn suggested we get a few proposed ideas and share for facebook.

Bridget asked if there is a way to get notifications when things are posted on slack. Alex said that could be managed in your phone settings. 

The next Intergroup meeting is 2/8. If anyone would like to be added to slack please let Lisa C. know.

The meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer at 9:23 am.

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