Minutes ACA TN Intergroup 8/8/20

Attendees: Alex O., Claire, Marilyn

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

A motion was made by Claire to accept the June minutes as submitted. Marilyn seconded. Motion approved. No July meeting.

Treasurer’s report unavailable for June. Mark not present.

Alex O. shared that the retreat is postponed to 2021. A blast email was sent to all groups/previous attendees to notify them of this change. Adult Child Voices Across America Weekly Speaker meeting is on Thursday evenings via Zoom (6-7:30pm West Coast Time).

Claire shared that there is a workshop today at 1pm called Partners in Recovery.

Marilyn asked how their group could collect 7th Tradition donations since cash is not an option. Alex suggested Venmo or PayPal.

Meeting closed with the ACA Serenity Prayer.


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