Minutes ACA TN Intergroup 6/13/20

Attendees: Alex O., Mark H., Danyalle, Bridget, Lisa, Claire, Amanda

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

A motion was made by Lisa C. to accept the May minutes as submitted. Mark seconded. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s report was posted on Slack. Motion was made by Lisa C. to approve the May treasurer’s report. Seconded by Danyalle.

Alex O. shared that our minutes are posted on the TN ACA IG website for all of 2020. The Retreat Committee will meet at 4pm CST to discuss online platforms and fee options. No Outreach Committee updates. No Mission Statement Committee updates.

No current group/fellowship needs or concerns at this time.

Amanda gave Murfreesboro update. At this time, they are Zoom only. Mark shared that the MJ Sunday at 2pm meeting will begin meeting at Cumberland Heights as early as June 28th. Danyalle’s group is ordering literature from the WSO website. Claire gave Memphis update. At this time, they are Zoom only.

Meeting closed with the ACA Serenity Prayer.

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