Minutes ACA TN Intergroup 10/10/20

Attendees: Alex O., Claire, Mark, Danyalle, Pam

Meeting opened with the serenity prayer.

A motion was made by Mark to accept the September minutes as submitted. Claire seconded. All in favor. Motion approved.

A motion was made by Claire to accept the September Treasurer’s report. Mark reports there has been no activity. Danyalle seconded. All in favor. Motion approved.

Adult Child Voices Across America Weekly Speaker meeting is on Thursday evenings via Zoom (6-7:30pm West Coast Time). Volunteer speakers needed***Call in early! Limited spots available. Alex reminded the group about the Mission Statement Committee. Anyone is welcome to join and participate. WSO Ballot Proposals are due October 31st. Claire shared that there is an ACA Convention at the end of October. Alex posted the link on Slack.

An election for Chairperson will be held at the end of the year. Alex will begin traveling in February and will be able to Chair until then.

Meeting closed with the ACA Serenity Prayer.




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