Minutes ACA Intergroup of Tennessee 2-8-2020

Attendees- Freddie B., Bridget L., Chris J., Stan B., Fritz, Danyalle, Mark H., Mary Helen, Marilyn, Dan, Anthony, Alex O., Lisa C.

The meeting was opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Mark H. made a motion to approve the minutes of the last intergroup meeting. Danyalle seconded the motion. The treasurers report was also approved.

The literature program was discussed. Mark H. presented his findings on the review of past invoices. He discovered shipping was 16.7%. There was also a 3% paypal fee. Previously Intergroup was subsidizing approximately 20% out of 7th tradition contributions in order to pass on a discount to the groups. Intergroup had not previously been charging State of TN. sales tax. The sales tax is 9.25%. WSO has been doing a sales tax analysis and found they owe about $77,000 in back taxes. They will also be required to collect sales tax. All totaled up, there is about a 1% savings to the groups to purchase their literature through intergroup when all the charges are considered.

Danyalle added she is literature chair for her group and has been ordering books directly from WSO with the 10% discount for orders of more than 20 books. She has found this cheaper than Amazon.

Mark statedthe WSO Amazon store accounts for 50% of the ACA literature sold in the US.

Anthony asked if it is possible for ACA IG to obtain a resale certificate. Mark has researched this and states in TN. Churches pay sales tax on their books. We have a sales tax certificate, but this is to protect us from audit.

Lisa said we need a group conscious as to how to move forward. Danyalle made a motion to suspend literature sales until the mission statement and vision statement are developed. Mark H. seconded the motion and suggests we suspend for 1 year until the mission statement is done. The vote was unanimously approved to table literature sales for 1 year. Alex O. will contact Jimmy to post a statement on the TN ACA website.

2020 ABC conference in Boca Raton

Mark H. made a motion to send Alex O. (chairperson) to the ABC-AWC conference to personally meet with WSO representatives with a budget of up to $1200.00. Lisa C. seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. Alex O. was a phone delegate last year. There are 14 ballot proposals we need to vote on.

Danyalle’s group has been getting a questionnaire together on survey monkey so they can set up on line voting for the 14 proposals. Her question is if IG vote is somehow weighted and has more importance (weight) than a normal group vote. Alex O. said the IG vote is turned in as another group submission and therefore not weighted. It was requested everyone begin looking at the proposals so we can have a group vote. The date for the vote will be posted on slack.

Memphis Ready, Set, Go Workshop

The workshop will be March 14, which is also the day IG meets. Danyalle would like to car pool with anyone going from Nashville. Alex O. motioned to keep the IG meeting on March 14 at the same time and not change IG meeting for the workshop on 3/14. Mark H. seconded. Approved.

Outreach Committee

Stan B. has an April date reserved at the Dickson retreat center. He asked if it would be OK to hold an ACA men’s retreat in the April spot. Alex O. stated Stan is in charge of the April date and he can ask for group support or IG support as he sees fit. Mark H. made a motion IG sponsor the fall retreat, which will be male and female and Stan can get a group to sponsor the men’s retreat in the spring. Stan feels the Nashville ACA men’s group may be willing to sponsor the retreat. Alex O. seconded the motion and it was approved. 

Marilyn said the mission statement needs to be our primary focus. 

Alex O. would like to organize a picnic for May or June.

Mary Helen asked what the date is for the fall retreat. Alex O. will find out what dates are reserved.

Alex O. said the minutes will be posted to the website. She is working with Jimmy to accomplish this. 

Glenn is setting up a document in google drive to add contact information.

The meeting was closed with the Serenity Prayer.     

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