Speaker Meetings

Expect the Best ACA will be starting a speaker meeting! In months with a 5th Tuesday, we will have a speaker meeting instead of our regular book study on the 5th Tuesday.

The next speaker meeting will be Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at 6:30pm. Please join us! 



The 2019 ACA World Convention was held in Malmo Sweden. This talk was done by Charlie H and includes the closing Ceremony with the Serenity Prayer in many languages. Enjoy!

Recovery is Happening – Here, Now

I never would have believed that facing life on life’s terms would be easier the more I let go – or that letting go could ever be possible for me at all. Life on life’s terms! Wasn’t that the disappointment, fear, and horror of the life I had in childhood and continued to have as an adult? What were these people thinking? Why would I ever even want to do that? Continue reading

Reparenting – Why Bother?

Reaching The Inner Child Through Reparenting

During a recent annual Labor Day fish fry, a close family member asked me why I still do emotional work on childhood abuse. He explained that reflecting on his childhood memories and feelings was not helpful and that counseling and support groups were traumatic for him. Why did I kept putting myself through that? Why couldn’t I just get over it? Why didn’t I follow his lead and smile – even if I felt like crying? That’s what he does.

Continue reading